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Raziel's Short Stories:

"Raziel's Short Stories" follows the intriguing adventures of Professor Raziel Magus, a Georgetown University scholar with expertise in ancient science, astrology, and the paranormal. Each tale delves into the mysterious and supernatural, as Raziel uses his vast knowledge and magical skills to confront and resolve eerie phenomena. From restless spirits haunting nurseries to cryptic astrological alignments foretelling doom, these stories blend academic rigor with the mystique of the unknown, captivating readers and inviting them to explore a world where ancient wisdom meets modern-day enigmas.

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The Talisman Vendetta (2024)

A Novel 

In Raziel Magus: The Talisman Vendetta, a series of unexplained deaths among Kentucky representatives in Washington D.C. draws Professor Raziel Magus, an expert in ancient sciences and astrology, into a web of dark magic and political intrigue. Teaming up with Astrid Noctis, a skilled practitioner of the arcane, Raziel uncovers a vendetta involving the secretive Solomon Temple society and a plot to manipulate astrological alignments for an ancient prophecy. With allies Sara, a detective, and Emma, a journalist, they navigate rituals, hidden talismans, and powerful adversaries. As they unravel the mystery, they face personal and cosmic challenges, leading to a climactic confrontation that tests their skills and beliefs. **Raziel Magus: The Talisman Vendetta** is a gripping tale of power, redemption, and destiny.

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