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Raziel Magus's Biography


Raziel Magus is a pen name used by a renowned astrologer of Andaluz descent, whose life mirrors the mystical and intellectual journeys of his fictional counterpart. Known for his quiet strength, introspective wisdom, and serene demeanor, Raziel is a figure marked by his vast knowledge of the mystical and arcane. His studies have not only broadened his intellect but have also deepened his understanding of the human condition, imbuing him with empathy and humility.

From a young age, Raziel was introduced to the worlds of astrology, magic, and ancient sciences, coming from a lineage of scholars and mystics. This rich tapestry of academic pursuit and esoteric exploration allowed him to blend the lines between scholar and practitioner. His career as an academic has seen him delve deeply into these studies, earning a reputation for his profound understanding of ancient astrology.

Raziel’s life has not been without hardships; a painful divorce and the isolating nature of his work have left him with a sense of loneliness, a poignant reminder of the personal sacrifices made in the pursuit of knowledge.


Despite these challenges, he approaches life with a sense of wonder and genuine humility, always open to learning from others. His inherent kindness and patience make him an excellent mentor, guiding those around him with a gentle yet firm hand.

Raziel's motivation is driven by a quest for understanding—the mysteries of the universe, the intricacies of human nature, and the unseen forces that shape our world. This motivation is twofold: a personal journey towards enlightenment and a professional desire to impart knowledge, guiding his students and peers through the complex landscapes he has navigated. His personal losses have instilled in him a desire to connect, seeking kinship and understanding in a world often detached from the depths he explores.

The real author behind Raziel Magus has had similar experiences to his fictional creation. An accomplished astrologer, he has taught 29 medical doctors in medical astrology, blending his deep knowledge with practical application. He has counseled politicians and business men.  His profound studies in ancient astrology and his experiences with the paranormal have shaped both his life and his writing. Like Raziel, he has experienced paranormal encounters that have further fueled his fascination with the mystical and the unknown.

Raziel Magus: The Talisman Vendetta is a testament to his lifelong passion for astrology and storytelling. Through his writing, he weaves a compelling narrative that captivates readers, drawing them into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern intrigue. Both Raziel and his creator share a lineage of scholarly pursuit, a deep connection to their Andaluz heritage, and a relentless quest for understanding the mysteries that lie beyond the visible world.

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